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All of us are born with a void in our hearts, a void that only God can fill.  This void dates all the way back to the book of Genesis, chapter 3, when Adam and Eve made a choice that made it impossible for them to have the close, meaningful relationship with God they once had.  Fortunately for us God had a plan!  Jesus Christ made it possible for mankind to have a close relationship with Him once again, but it is our choice to accept it!

People try to fill the void in their hearts with many things, alcohol, drugs, material possessions, and physical relationships are just a few.  What we all truly need is to call out to Jesus and begin a relationship that is life-changing!  Perhaps you are seeking something more in life, and nothing you have tried so far has brought satisfaction.  Maybe you just want to know more about God's Word, or maybe you've heard things about Jesus Christ and you want to know what He's all about.  Whatever the case, we at The HOME Church strongly encourage you to give one of our FREE Home Bible Studies a chance!

Benefits of a Home Bible Study:

1. The study will go at your own pace, there's no rush!

2. You are in a one on one, or couple on couple environment so you will have the teacher's full dedication!

3. You can ask questions freely without worrying about who is around to hear you.  Your questions are kept confidential and will be taken seriously.

4. There's no charge for the lessons!               

5. It's flexible and will fit in with your weekly schedule.

6. You can learn all about Jesus Christ, who He is, and the life-changing relationship you can have with Him.

How it Works:

First click here and let us know you're interested in a Home Bible Study.  Shortly after, one of our teachers will get in touch with you via the contact information you leave and the two of you can set up a time each week to meet that best fits your schedule.

What We Teach:

Here at The HOME Church we use 3 curriculums, each designed to help you get to the next step.  We start with Salvation Made Simple by Rev. James M. Jackson.  This 4 lesson curriculum helps one to understand true Biblical salvation, the lessons are:

  • The Parable of the Sower (focuses on the importance of understanding)
  • The Spirit (covers the Holy Ghost)
  • The Blood (covers repentance and baptism)
  • Who is Jesus Christ? (focuses on who Jesus Christ really is according to the Bible)

After Salvation Made Simple we begin The Search For Truth 2, which takes you through the Bible cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelation.  There are 12 lessons total in this study and through it you will be able to get a firm grasp on the Word and understand some of the following things:

  • The make up of the Bible (how many books, sections, authors, etc...)
  • The history of the Bible
  • How the Bible makes perfect sense Old Testament to New
  • What the Bible says about the end times
  • And much more...

After learning about salvation through Salvation Made Simple and learning about the Word of God through The Search For Truth 2, our last curriculum covers the basics of "how to" as you endeavor to live a Godly lifestyle based on His Word.  It is called Kingdom Living and will help you put much of what you learned into action.  Some of the topics are:

  • How to pray
  • Winning relationships
  • What it truly means to be Holy
  • And much more...

Take the Next Step:

If a life change is what you need, please don't hesitate, click here and sign up!  If you feel a lack of satisfaction with the way things are going take the next step and get to know Jesus Christ, He died to know you!