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Jan 4th- Sis. Barbara Steele Funeral
Jan 5th AM- Greg Steele
Jan 12th AM- "Two Dreams" - Greg Steele
Jan 12th PM- "A Heart of Expectancy" - Jerod Breakiron
Jan 19th AM- "Comfort Zone" - Greg Steele


Feb 2nd AM- Jerod Breakiron
Feb 9th AM- "Jesus Says I Can" - Greg Steele
Feb 16th AM- "Birth" - Greg Steele
Feb 16th PM- Bro. Stephens
Feb 23rd AM- "The Talking Dead" - Jerod Breakiron

Mar 2nd AM- "The Truth of Communion" - Greg Steele
Mar 9th PM- Various Ministers
Mar 23rd PM- Various Ministers


Apr 6th AM- "Euangelion" - Greg Steele
Apr 13th PM- "Voices of Encouragement" - Greg Steele
Apr 22 AM- "Pointing: The Resurrection" - Greg Steele
Apr 27th AM- "The Goodness of Jesus" - Greg Steele




May 4th AM- "From Passion to Power" - Greg Steele

May 4th PM- Ryan Steele

May 18th AM- "Growing in a Dark Place" - Jerod Breakiron

May 18th PM- "The Wheel in the Middle of the Wheel" - Justin Meadors

May 25th AM- "I Need Water" - Greg Steele




Jun 1st AM- "Are you Expecting?" - Greg and Logan Steele

Jun 8th AM- "The Gift of the Holy Ghost" - Greg Steele

Jun 8th Pm- "Ye Shall Reap if Ye Faint Not" - Greg Steele

Jun 15th AM- "The Seventh Father" - Greg Steele

Jun 22nd AM- Greg Steele

Jun 29th AM- "A Revival of Faith" - Greg Steele



Jul 13th PM- "God's Plan" - Greg Steele

Due to technical difficulties, July services not archived



Aug  3rd AM -"Hidden Treasures" -Jerod Breakiron

Aug 10th AM- "Crazy Joy" - Greg Steele

Aug 17th AM- "Accessing the invisible Kingdom -Fred Childs

Aug 17th PM- "The Ministry of the Hallway" -Fred Childs



Sep 7th AM- "My Face is Open" - Greg Steele

Sep 7th PM- David, Angel, and Josh

Sep 14th PM- "The Braid of Endurance" - Greg Steele

Sep 21st AM- Jerod Breakiron

Sep 28th AM- "Trip Your Older Brother" - Greg Steele



Oct 5th AM- "The Midnight Hour is Upon Us" - Jerod Breakiron

Oct 5th PM- "Helping Our Little Brother" - Angel Hernandez

Oct 12th AM- "Game Changer" - Greg Steele

Oct 12th PM- "The Temptation of Discontentment" - Tim DeLano

Oct 19th AM- "The Key to Living in Victory" - Greg Steele

Oct 19th PM- "The Generation of the Bold" - Greg Steele

Oct 26th AM- "Body Language" - Greg Steele



Nov 2nd AM- "Thank God For Calvary" - Greg Steele
Nov 2nd PM- "God's Will Be Done" - Greg Steele
Nov 9th AM- "Three Helps From God's Two Hands" - Greg Steele
Nov 9th PM- "Trench Warfare" - Corbyn Smith and Greg Steele
Nov 16th AM- "A Doorkeeper's Decision" - Greg Steele
Nov 16th PM- "Talent Equation" - Greg Steele

Psalm 23 Teaching- Sis. Shenault

Nov 23rd- Gibbs Family, Missionaries to Malawi, Africa
Nov 30th AM- "Wind Blown for World Blown" - Greg Steele

Dec 7th AM- "Jesus Concern" - Greg Steele
Dec 7th PM- "Put Away" - Greg Steele
Dec 14th AM- "Stand Still" - Jerod Breakiron
Dec 14th PM- "Unity" - Brandon Collier
Dec 21st AM- "What Do You Remember?" - Greg Steele
Dec 28th AM- "The Elisha Generation" - Greg Steele